ZkSystems Production Suite

Working with manufacturers, we have noticed several recurring problems that can be solved by allowing siloed software systems alongside the production process to share and exchange data in real-time. To solve these problems, we offer a suite of ready-to-use connected applications, powered by ZkSystems Connector.

ZkSystems EfficientOrders: Production Order and Sequence Planning

Order planning is a crucial but often cumbersome process. To make it work, your production planning employees need to have multiple data points at their fingertips. Our connected application, EfficientOrders, collects all the relevant information: on personnel capacity from HR tools; machine capacity and material availability from your ERP system; on order progress directly from your shop floor system (BDE); and IoT-based real-time machines’ production and idle times – and feeds all this information into an intuitive, comprehensive planning tool.

20% higher delivery reliability

Real-time transparency about the progress of every order

30% faster recognition of delays

ZkSystems WorkerPower: Digital Workplace

Your workers can operate our easy-to-use tablet-based application that combines a digital job ticket, instructions with CAD drawings, QA checklists as well as a time tracker to track order progress and enable targeted-versus-actual analytics. Workers can report finishing or pausing the orders and insert scrapped and produced pieces. The tablet is synchronized with your ERP (and other systems) in real time, so workers always have access to the latest information. Via the tablet, they can also notify supervisors or colleagues from the warehouse in case of defects, errors, scrap or materials missing.

Saves 30,000 sheets of paper per annum.

10% higher efficiency – everything the worker needs can be accessed in just one click

25% error reduction – all information is updated automatically

ZkSystems Analytics: Supercharge Your Analytics Dashboards

You probably already use multiple software systems in your manufacturing and collect a lot of valuable data. However, its real value remains locked away as long as these data points remain trapped within their respective databases. ZkSystems Connector links to your software tools to fetch this data for you and transform it into a comprehensive overview of your manufacturing process in an intuitive dashboard view.

Empower your team with full-fledged real-time transparency

12% higher productivity due to faster identification of performance killers

10% year-over-year increase in OEE

ZkSystems Billing: Equipment-as-a-Service (Pay-per-Use)

Our application enables usage-based automated billing, while connecting IoT data with your ERP. You receive an easy-to-navigate interface to manage payment plans and monitor machine usage. At the same time, your customers will monitor their usage accumulated payments on a white labelled customer-facing dashboard with your logo and branding.

Saves 20% work time for accounting

20% more revenue

Higher engagement with your customers

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