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ZkSystems Connector

With ZkSystems Connector you can configure bots on your own in just a few hours without any prior IT or software development knowledge. Bots automate your data exchange and transfer data from one system to another.

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Who Is It for?

For enterprise IT and department heads

With our bots, you will never again have to spend money on specialized integrators, SAP consultants and complicated middleware systems. Automate any data exchange and create a middle layer for your data in a matter of a few hours.

For software providers

Integrate your web app to your customers’ IT landscape in a matter of a few hours. No need to get any database access or wait for customers’ IT or involve any integrators. Save cost for your customers and roll out faster than your competition!

For modern operations

Automate sales, growth marketing, accounting and HR. For example, you can automate your outreach via LinkedIn, Xing, event or trade show pages and combine any kind of platforms (write per email, follow up per LinkedIn). 

Your Benefits

Up to 70% lower cost

Save the cost of specialized consultants, integrators and complicated middleware

5x faster rollout

Automation and data exchange up and running in a matter of hours

Easily configurable

You can configure the bot without any prior developer or IT knowledge

Trial Access

Apply for a free access to our software and start configuring your own bots.