For Enterprise IT and Department Heads

With our bots, you will never again have to spend money on specialized integrators, SAP consultants and complicated middleware systems. Automate any data exchange and create a middle layer for your data in a matter of a few hours.

Automatically insert logistics data into supplier portals of your customers

Connecting web apps to your on premise system is now the easiest thing in the world

Connect your CRM, CAQ, CAD, online shop or any other system to your ERP​

For Software Providers

You have a modern web application that you need to integrate to your customers’ IT landscape? With our bots, you can integrate in a matter of a few hours. No need to get any database access. No need to wait for customers’ IT. No need to involve any integrators. Just imagine how much cost you are saving for your customers and how much faster you are rolling out than any competition!

Connect your APIs with customers' ERP systems and let your intern do it

Getting detailed machine data from IoT platforms in 15 minutes

Get as much data as you want and leverage that into your analytics dashboards

For Modern Operations

NEW! Configure your own bots to automate sales, growth marketing, accounting and HR – in ways you haven’t imagined possible! 

Collect invoices from Amazon, LinkedIn, WeShare and other websites

Send automated messages on Xing, LinkedIn, Hannover Messe - any platform possible

Automate invoice creation for recurring payments

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