Case Studies

Connecting an In-House CAQ Application to ERP

Learn more about how ZkSystems' solution helped a mid-size machine manufacturer connect their in-house built CAQ application to their ERP proALPHA.

Enabling the Digital Workplace, Seamlessly Connected to ERP

Learn how the ZkSystem Worker Power application, powered by ZkSystems' Connector, helped a mid-size pump manufacturer increase their efficiency.

Streamlined Invoicing for Siemens Energy in Upgrade-as-a-Service

Learn how ZkSystems Billing, an equipment-as-a-service application, enabled Siemens to offer their portfolio of upgrade services for gas turbines in an easy and scalable way.


Interview with Carsten Maschmeyer (n-tv)

Our investor Carsten Maschmeyer was interviewed by n-tv Telebörse about the importance of IoT in industrial manufacturing and seed + speed Ventures’ investment in ZkSystems (the article is in German).

Read article (German)

Seven-Digit Funding (Business Insider)

We are excited to receive seven-digit funding from renowned VC investors, including Carsten Maschmeyer, to grow our team and expand our product portfolio (the article is in German).

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Bosch, Siemens, SAP and Fraunhofer Talk about Industry 4.0

Learn what our partners at Bosch, Siemens, SAP and Fraunhofer think about collaborating on new business models in industry 4.0.

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