Connecting Software Systems

Without Interfaces
Without the Extra Effort

ZkSystems Connector makes any software system effortlessly compatible with your ERP – without expensive interfaces, long integration times or access negotiations with the ERP provider.

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The Problem with Traditional Interfaces

Do you rely on programmatic interfaces to make your software tools share data with each other? If you do, you probably know that these interfaces are both very costly (€50,000 to €1M) and take a long time to build (from several months to over a year), not to mention nerve-racking negotiations with software providers on both sides and unavoidable software updates which make such an interface unworkable.

We have an alternative to offer: 


saved cost

1 Year

saved time


stress of negotiations

Our Solution: ZkSystems Connector

We make software systems in your manufacturing:
Connect. Work. Deliver.

How do we do it? With the help of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), we offer a connector software that bi-directionally links any two software tools and helps them exchange data. With ZkSystems Connector, integration takes days, not months. You do not need to ask your ERP or other software providers to enable access or cooperate. Nor do you need to worry about software program updates – the synchronization with ZkSystems Connector will remain stable and reliable.

Oh, and have we mentioned? ZkSystems Connector will cost you 70% less than a traditional interface.

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Your Benefits

70% lower cost

Our approach to connecting software programs is fundamentally different from a programmatic interface, which enables us to connect to even older software programs with no additional effort.

Stable integration

Should any of the integrated software systems get an update, the synchronization will remain stable. Whatever adjustments are needed – these are included in your regular license fee.

5x faster rollout

By connecting systems instead of building programmatic interfaces, we do not need to involve software providers or develop anything from scratch. This ensures that we can roll out in days, not months.

Use Cases

Link your in-house or custom application to your ERP

ZkSystems Connector integrates your custom in-house applications to your ERP system and enables frictionless data exchange between the two systems.

Connect your CAD/CAE to your ERP

ZkSystems Connector synchronizes your CAD/CAE  with your ERP system and dramatically reduces manual work for your industrial designers.

Synchronize CAQ, MES, BDE, PZE, CRM, HR tools, FSM and more with your ERP

It does not matter what software tools you use – ZkSystems Connector links them to your ERP or any other system to harvest the full potential of your IT landscape.

Synchronize any ERP with IoT data

If you offer your own digital services such as condition monitoring, your customers will want to have these solutions connected to their ERP. ZkSystems Connector can provide you with an effortless flow of the IoT data into any ERP system.

Connected applications from ZkSystems Production Suite

Select from our range of pre-built connected applications and see an immediate improvement in transparency and efficiency of your processes. 

Learn more about our connected apps, powered by ZkSystems Connector

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