Connecting Software Systems

Without the Extra Effort

ZkSystems Connector makes any software system effortlessly compatible with your ERP – without any need for a database or APIs, without long integration times and without any need for specialized ERP intergrators.

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ZkSystems Connector

ERP synchronization and automated data exchange without any integration effort

ZkSystems Connector bi-directionally connects any software tools. ZkSystems Connector provides a bot which simulates the user behavior and thus takes care of the data exchange directly via the user interface. This eliminates any need for complex database integration and thus there is no need for specialized ERP integrators. You can configure the bot on your own in just a few hours without any prior IT or software development knowledge, thus saving up to 70% of the usual integration cost.

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Configure Bot on Your Own

With our bot configuration tool you can set up a bot on your own without any prior IT or software development knowledge. Configure your own connector within a few hours – just by showing the bot your familiar click sequence to achieve data transfer. 

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Your Benefits

Up to 70% lower cost

Our robotic approach is fundamentally new and synchronization occurs without any typical integration effort.

Stable integration

You can configure the bot without any prior developer knowledge or technical background.

5x faster rollout

Synchronization is done in days or even hours without any need for integrators or specialized ERP consultants.

Use Cases

Link your in-house or custom application to your ERP

ZkSystems Connector integrates your custom in-house applications to your ERP system and enables frictionless data exchange between the two systems.

Connect your CAD/CAE to your ERP

ZkSystems Connector synchronizes your CAD/CAE  with your ERP system and dramatically reduces manual work for your industrial designers.

Synchronize CAQ, MES, shop floor systems, CRM, e-shop, HR tools, FSM or web apps with your ERP

It does not matter what software tools you use – ZkSystems Connector links them to your ERP or any other system to harvest the full potential of your IT landscape.

Synchronize your software to your customers’ ERP systems

If you are a software vendor offering your software products to your customers, you can enable a 5x faster integration with any of your customers’ ERP systems.

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