Our Vision

Everyone knows that the success of any modern company depends on data. However, multiple disconnected data sets deliver only a fraction of the value in comparison to an integrated data ecosystem covering the entirety of the internal processes. We are dedicated to bridging the gap between various siloed software tools and making this data work inside a unified data stream.

Management Team

Diana Rees
CEO and Co-Founder

“I have seen dozens of factories in my professional career across Europe and Asia, while working with companies like the Fiat Group. I saw many Digital Transformation projects fail due to the complex IT landscapes. Clearly, there was a need for a pragmatic, intuitive and low-cost innovation to enable fast software integration. I dedicate myself to enabling this at ZkSystems."

Amine Ünal
CTO and Co-Founder

“While working as a software developer at T-Systems (Deutsche Telekom) on projects for Adidas, ThyssenKrupp and Airbus, I faced the problem of intricate IT integrations first-hand. I could see that not only is the process painfully complex for all parties involved, it is also time-consuming and cost-intensive. I set myself up for a challenge to trim down the complexity until the solution is perfectly intuitive to solve this problem."


What Our Team Stands for

Extremely fast support

We focus on being fast to support you or provide you with help – with no compromises on quality!

Dr. Oliver Braitmayer

Siemens Financial Services

We needed fast execution and a high degree of flexibility. ZkSystems provided us with both and enabled us to complete a fast integration into MindSphere.


Customer-first mindset

We take your feedback seriously and if you ever face a challenge, solving it will be our number one priority.

Petra Michalke

Siemens Energy

“We highly appreciate the ZkSystems team as a valuable and trustworthy supplier since they deliver in a fast and flexible manner.”

Flexibility for best outcomes

Our software is built in a flexible modular fashion, so that you can cover a wide range of use cases.

Veronika Brandt

Robert Bosch GmbH

“ZkSystems is a highly professional team that goes the extra mile to support its customers and business partners.”

Press and Awards

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