Enabling the Digital Workplace, Seamlessly Connected to ERP

With ZkSystems Connector, a leading pump manufacturer synchronized a modern web-based MES with their on-premise ERP Oxaion, while saving the cost of ERP integration.

Our customer is a leading family-owned German manufacturer of pumps and propellers with over 120 years of experience, supplying agricultural, industrial, construction and biogas sectors. 

Despite clear leadership on the market, our customer realized that they lacked efficiency and transparency in their production process. To solve this problem, the company introduced a modern web-based MES system to enable a digital workplace for its workers.

Our customer uses Oxaion, a typical on-premise ERP system for this industry. The new MES application needed to be bidirectionally integrated with ERP. Production orders needed to be fetched from ERP and passed to MES. Workers’ recorded progress (produced pieces) as well as any deviations from the plan (defect supplies or scrap parts) needed to be passed from MES to ERP. Such integration would have lasted several months and cost approx. € 50,000. 

Instead, our customer used ZkSystems Connector which easily enabled this data flow. ZkSystems’ bot was configured within a few hours without any involvement of an integrator or the ERP provider. Since ZkSystems’ bot enables data synchronization via the user interface, there was no need for any access to the database or any ERP-specific knowledge.

Configuration done in a few hours

Fully automated data exchange between MES and ERP

€50,000 saved ERP integration cost

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