Enabling the Digital Workplace, Seamlessly Connected to ERP

With ZkSystems WorkerPower, a leading pump manufacturer enabled a digital workplace for their workers, achieved real-time order status overview and saved the cost of ERP integration.

Our client is a leading family-owned German manufacturer of pumps and propellers with over 120 years of experience, supplying agricultural, industrial, construction and biogas sectors. 

Despite clear leadership on the market, our client realized that they lacked efficiency and transparency in their production process. Production orders, instructions and drawings were printed and given to workers in paper form, which resulted in inefficiency and errors. No real-time data was available with regards to production and order progress or efficiency of production, which left management frustrated about the inability to identify potential problems and delays. Due to the lack of real-time order tracking, planning was not in sync with what was actually happening on the shop floor, which led to substantial manual corrections from the production planning department, supervisors and head of production.


Our application, ZkSystems WorkerPower, addressed exactly these issues. Delivered as a pre-installed app on tablets, it combines a digital job ticket, instructions with CAD drawings, QA checklists and a time tracker to track order progress. Not only are workers provided with all the information they need to complete their job, they can digitally record their progress (produced pieces) as well as any deviations from the plan (defect supplies or scrap parts). When mounted on the machines, the tablets also record machine working and idle times via the tablet’s sensors. This data is collected and aggregated into a real-time analytics dashboard for the management, which includes both target-vs-actual progress comparisons and an overall efficiency evaluation.

As with all our connected applications, ZkSystems WorkerPower is connected to other client software systems, communicating in real time with ERP, HR and warehousing tools.

12,000 sheets of paper saved per annum

Real-time transparency about order status

Comprehensive analytics

€50,000 saved integration cost

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