Connecting In-House-CAQ to ERP System proALPHA

ZkSystems Connector enabled a mid-size manufacturer of woodworking machines to seamlessly connect their in-house CAQ solution to their ERP system to automate important elements of the production process.

Our client is a leading Germany-based manufacturer of woodworking machines with over 90 years of experience and focus on innovation and quality. An in-house CAQ solution has been developed, so that workers can report and document errors, claims and rework.

However, the in-house developed application was not connected to the Company’s ERP system, so no real-time exchange of information between the shopfloor and ERP was possible. Developing a programmatic interface with the help of ERP’s provider would have taken a long time to develop and proved to be too costly. Apart from that, the interface would have needed to be updated with every new version of the ERP software or their in-house solution. 

We came in to help the Company solve this problem. We configured ZkSystems Connector to link the in-house CAQ software to the ERP system. This specific use case included:

  • When a worker reports “rework needed” in the in-house CAQ-system, this triggers ZkSystems’ bot to create a new work order for this rework in the ERP-system, integrated into the regular order planning
  • When a worker fills out a claim on materials provided by suppliers in the in-house CAQ-system, ZkSystems’ bot automatically synchronises this with the ERP-system, which handles claims automatically 

We continue to explore further integrations that can be enabled by ZkSystems Connector to help our client reach new heights of efficiency.

Fast set-up

Cost savings

Automated data flow

Stable even after system updates

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