Full-Stack Engineer (f/m/x)

Das Team ZkSystems; Foto: LauraKiesslingPhotography

I am Amine, CTO and Founder of ZkSystems. I am looking for a senior front-end engineer. As part of our team you will change the way how tomorrow’s manufacturing companies operate! It is time for the disruption of outdated GUI technologies and poor user experience in manufacturing. Until today, using software for enterprise users has been a chore. We want to make it a true joy. At ZkSystems you have an ambitious and hard-working team by your side to accomplish this challenge.

Who We Are

We gained Fortune 500 companies like Siemens as early customers because of our innovative software solutions. Just a few weeks ago, we closed our multi-million-dollar funding, and this is just the beginning of our journey! Shape the future of manufacturing software with us.

Your Responsibilities


  • You implement a seamless integration between front-end and back-end.
  • You are responsible for engineering a scalable, efficient, and clean codebase.
  • You execute manual and automatic testing to ensure a high-quality product.
  • You work with the latest technologies to beat out the competition.

Back-end / DevOps

  • You design, implement, and test a scalable architecture in order to handle multiple user accounts and machines.
  • You are responsible for maintaining a continuous integration pipeline based on dockerization. 
  • You design automatic and manual tests to ensure the high quality of the software.
  • You work with the latest technologies for databases and cloud service providers to deliver the best product for the customer.

Your Profile

Hard skills

  • You have 1-2 years of experience as a full-stack engineer.
  • You are experienced with cloud-based web app development based on JavaScript.
  • Optional: Experience in PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Microservices.
  • Strong written and spoken English (C1) and willingness to relocate to Berlin.

Soft skills

  • Customer-centric excellence: you always go the extra mile to amaze the customer.
  • Commitment, determination and work ethics: our goal is to become the largest B2B software company that will change the way enterprise software is built and used. We want to win the world championship, not just the local game. We expect the same commitment and determination from you! No one built an iconic company just by being lucky. To accomplish our goals, we need tons of determination, hard work, and dedication.
  • Efficiency and laser focus: you know how to prioritize your time. You differentiate between tasks for which you need to be the detail-obsessed perfectionist and tasks for which you need a fast and low-effort approach.

Apply with your CV to Amine, CTO & Founder: amine.uenal@zksystems.io

You should not apply if you are a contractor and not looking for a long-term engagement or if you want to work remotely.

Our Values

Customer first

We always go the extra mile for the customer. We work hard to delight the customer. For us, everything revolves around the customer.


Achieving a grand vision means discipline. It’s about gaining 0.1% progress every day and staying with it until, eventually, we reach 100%.

100% commitment to winning big

We are here to win the big game. We are putting all our wits, skills, and power into becoming the largest enterprise software company. We aim for a long-term, truly iconic impact. For us, it’s all or nothing.

Excellence by efficiency

We demand from our team unprecedented excellence and detail obsession. But we also demand to set priorities and focus ruthlessly. We set high standards because we want you to perform the best job of your life, be proud of it, and win with us.

Breaking biases

Labels describe you, but they never define you. Be it gender, nationality, or ethnicity, we don’t believe in labels. We value you for who you really are. We are committed to creating a new world where biases are left aside.