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Scalable Blockchain for Industrial IoT.
Welcome to the Future of Smart Factories.


Start developing innovative business models for your IoT ecosystem today. We’ve got you covered on the right technology.

ZkSystems is used by industry leaders such as Bosch Rexroth, Telefonica and Oracle and provides the IoT environments of our clients with highly scalable and integration-ready blockchain infrastructure.



Bosch Nexo Case Study:
Blockchain Powered Nutrunner

CytroBox Case Study:

Use Cases

- Track and trace for Industry 4.0
- Smart-factory-as-a-service
- Proof of provenance
- Pay per use and dynamic pricings
- Digital twins for industrial machines
- Anti counterfeit


With ZkSystems, our approach has been to focus on how leading edge technology can help us create real value — beyond hype.

Janette Kothe
Business Model Innovation for Bosch Rexroth


Uncompromised Scalability​

DAG-Based BFT consensus with 5.000+ tps

Dynamic Infrastructure

P2P enables ad-hoc deployment and edge connectivity on demand for Industry 4.0

Frictionless Integration

Interfaces to ERP and enterprise payment systems

Easy Automation

Thanks to integration of OPC-UA, automated sensor data can be integrated into smart contracts

No Central Authority

Leaderless consensus, governance based on voting


Zero knowledge proofs and homomorphic encryption, data analysis in a privacy preserving manner

Code reviewed by UC Berkeley

We are publishing a peer-reviewed paper with UC Berkeley. The paper will be released in Q3 2019.

The Team

Using ZkSystems’ scalable blockchain on top of our cloud infrastructure gives us the opportunity to offer new IoT use cases for our customers, which we could not address before.

Michael Franz
Customer Innovation Leader Germany at ORACLE

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